In Wireless Media Group, we completely understand and support the idea that in order to watch your favorite movies, series and sport events, you need to have good and reliable devices at your disposal. Therefore, we propose to you our best deals in best available TV Set Top Boxes on the market.
With each single one of them, you can watch all your favorite channels, movies and many more. All those devices are chosen with care by our Team and they are fully compatible with IPTV packages which we offer you.
Also, at the same time buying our TV Set Top Boxes, you are also able to browse Internet on big screen of your home TV, watch Netflix, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube and many, many more options available. It is therefore a really good value for money and lifetime investment.
All our TV Set Top Boxes are sent to you within one working day since making the order and we send our dedicated devices worldwide, so that you can be sure that wherever you are located, you will receive your device.

Formuler Z, Formuler Z Nano

Formuler IPTV technology is now within reach of all customers with the all new Formuler Z.
The Limited Edition Formuler Z has all the features and technology required to
watch streaming IPTV contents from your favorite contents provider – including MYTVOnline.
No sacrifices in performance or user experience were made when designing Formuler Z.
The lightning-fast user interface allows users to experience IPTV at speeds never seen before.
Designed for maximum market penetration, Formuler Z offers all the great professional features of Formuler IPTV in a cost-effective package.
Using market feedback from our vendors and users, Formuler has crafted the
ultimate IPTV device that is the perfect balance of Performance, Reliability, and Affordability.
The pocket sized Formuler Z delivers a powerful punch with its Quad-core CPU that delivers more than enough performance to run the amazing MYTVOnline IPTV middleware client.  Users will experience zero lag while interacting with even the most CPU intensive applications.

Formuler Z was designed with maximum connectivity options in mind.  The rich assortment of available ports allows users to make full use of the device’s capabilities.
Advanced features like USB3.0 and microSD memory expansion make Formuler Z virtually futureproof.
The new Formuler RCU was specially designed and optimized for IPTV.
Users can easily and quickly access desired menus, and the RCU can be used with a variety of games and applications.
The power of Android IPTV is now in your hands
Catch-up TV – Easily find and watch missed programs with the click of a button
Video-on-Demand (VOD) / Support for multilingual audio and subtitle tracks
Fast channel zapping / Suitable for all ages / Parental controls

• Advanced IPTV receiver with built-in 2.4 & 5 Ghz WiFi module
• Very user-friendly and stable with modern interface
• Automatic updates and software very strong
• Supports multiple portals (TV servers)
• Android operating system and very multifunctional

H96 Max Plus Android 9.0 Smart TV Box

H96 MAX + is een krachtige tv-box die op het nieuwste Android 9.0-systeem draait. Ultra-grote 4 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM-capaciteit zorgt voor een soepelere en flexibelere werking. U kunt thuis genieten van high-definition beeld. En het is betrouwbaar en veilig om thuis te gebruiken.

  • Hoofdfuncties
    Ondersteunt 4K-resolutie en H.265-decodering, high-definition beeldvormingseffect
  • 4 GB RAM en 32 GB ROM, met ultragrote capaciteit kunt u meer plezier beleven
  • RK3328-processor zorgt voor een soepelere en flexibelere werking
  • 2.4 + 5 GHz wifi biedt u een snelle draadloze overdrachtservaring
  • Afstandsbediening werkt op 2 AAA-batterijen (niet inbegrepen)

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Android TV Box

With a blazing-fast octacore S912 processor and 3 GB RAM DDR4 memory, your Beelink GT1 is a must-have.
This Android TV box allows you to download your favorite apps on your device.
Apps such as Kodi, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube 4K are a convenience for this box.
The Beelink GT1 has a very powerful up to 4K at 60 fps supporting video card.
This works in great detail on the user-friendly Android 7.1 operating system.
With this box you unlock all possible functions for your TV.
This box works more powerful than the Smart TVs and is a supplement to functionality for everyone.
This way you can play your own videos and use the box as a NAS.
The Beelink GT1 always offers the best image quality possible, for example, the box supports 1080P with HEVC and 4K on VP9.
This means that the box has an efficient way of streaming, so that you can achieve good image quality with less internet and power.
In addition to good image quality, the box also receives Dolby 5.1 sound.
This allows you to play more formats at the very best sound level and you can turn your living room into atmospheric home cinema.
This receiver is therefore a must-have and is a supplement to your (Smart) TV.

Kodi Android Smart TV Box

Kodi Xbmc is an Android TV media player app for an Android Media Box that allows you to view and listen to movies, series, music and photos. You could compare Kodi with Windows Mediaplayer, Apple iTunes and Youtube.
There is one important difference. Kodi has the option to install add-ons. These are small apps that are available from Kodi’s “open source” software. With these free addons, movies, series and sports can be viewed from all over the world.
Millions of people from all over the world use Kodi Xbmc and this number is increasing considerably every day. There are an estimated 375,000 users of Kodi in the Netherlands.
The free software is available in addition to Android for Windows and Mac. Many Android Xbmc boxes also have Kodi installed as standard. Kodi is a legal software program that is made by XBMC foundation. With Android Media Box, users receive an Android TV media player with the legal version of Kodi TV pre-installed.


High-performance multi-core 64 bit
ARM Mali-T720 GPU
High-quality H.265/VP9 8K@30fps-10bit video decoder
Low-latency H.264 4K@30fps video encoder
HDR10 and HLG video processing
Smartcolor 3.0 Display Processing Engine
FDE (Full Disk Encryption) ,Mainstream DRM
Various kinds of interface: USB3.0,PCle,HDMI2.0a,Ethernet

High Performance 64bit CPU:
Multi core 64-bit ARM Cortex A53
Integrated multimedia acceleration engine – NEON
Hardware Java acceleration
Integrated hardware floating-point coprocessor

Xiaomi MI Boxes (STB EMU)

With Xiaomi Mi Box S media player you can turn any television into a smart TV with Android. This compact media player supports films in Ultra HD, which means you can watch in the highest quality. Install apps like Netflix or Disney +, but also VTM GO, VRT Nu and NPO Start and you can also watch your favorite series in 4K. Because the Mi Box S runs on Android, you install hundreds of different media apps or games on the media player. This smart media center has a built-in Google Assistant. Give voice commands to the remote control and you can easily play your favorite series. Or put the lamps in the house in the right atmosphere for a cozy TV evening.